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Holman Security Gold Coast Guard Services

Holman Security Gold Coast offers professional security guard services and provide licensed, uniformed guards that are trained and equipped to operate in a diverse range of situations and are the most effective solution to deterring crime.

Our Security Officers are chosen against a select criteria and undergo a stringent process, which may include police checks, literacy and numeracy testing, reference checking and probity clearance as part of our recruitment and selection criteria.

Holman Security Gold Coast’s guards will provide its customers with courteous, timely and efficient service that will exceed customer expectations. All of our guards have instant back up response from our mobile patrol division if needed at no extra cost to the client.

We can offer highly trained security personnel who are engaged to undertake a range of roles which include:

  • Resorts
  • Construction sites
  • Gate house duties
  • Shopping centres
  • Gated residential estates
  • Industrial sites

Benefits of Hiring Holman Security Guards

Whether you own a small or a large company, you have to keep in mind that burglars and other criminals can grab the opportunity to intrude your business premises. Thus, it is essential to improve your safety to keep your workers and customers safe.

You can now hire our security guards on the Gold Coast. These professionals can protect your establishment and assist consumers as well. Here are the benefits of hiring one:

Optimum Safety

As mentioned, these service providers work wonders in making your area safe. The presence of guards can provide peace of mind to the clients. With this, your consumers will have a sense of security knowing that there’s someone who can protect them when a break-in and criminal activity takes place.

Crime Prevention

Simply having a professional guard in your establishment is a great way to prevent a crime. Thieves will think twice about targeting your business when they see the guards. So, keep your company safe and call these service providers.

Expertise in Handling Incidents

Our guards on the Gold Coast are armed with the right equipment and knowledgeable when it comes to responding to a crime. They can easily contact the police to detain the suspects.  They also know how to act upon the situation to prevent anyone from getting hurt.

All businesses, no matter what the industry they belong in, can be susceptible to threats of crime. So, if you need a company, make sure that you seek the help of Holman Security. Not only these security professionals can prevent break-ins but they can also improve the service of your company by assisting your consumers.

Interested? Hire Holman Security Gold Coast. Our guards will not only protect your business against any threats, but they will also show your employees and clients that they care for them. Equipped with the right materials, we are the best people to hire for your company. To learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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