Security Patrols

Holman Security Patrols for a safer Gold Coast

Holman security Gold Coast’s mobile patrol service is one of the most cost effective solutions for protecting your business when you are not there. Whether it be random patrols making sure your premises are secure and fire safe, escorting staff to their vehicles, lock ups and welfare checks or making sure your machinery stays working throughout the night, Holman Security Gold Coast has the solution for you.

Staff safety and the devastating effects of break and enter, vandalism and damage to machinery or equipment are some of the security threats your business can face.

Security patrols Gold Coast offered by Holman Security Services are a way of ensuring the security and integrity of your site by providing a visual deterrent to those who would cause you and your property harm or damage.

Specialising in mobile security patrols, Holman Security Gold Coast is dedicated only to the Gold Coast area. We are the only security company that offers exclusive mobile patrols Gold Coast services without spending all our time at night servicing one off alarms. Holman Security Gold Coast offers peace of mind that all of your security requirements and the number of patrols at your premises are being carried out proficiently and professionally with our quality assurance program. All of our clients have electronic verification systems in place around there site in all access points that require security attention. These electronic verification buttons record the date and time the patrol officers were in this area. Patrol officers also complete a nightly log report to back up the times on site that were recorded.


Our security mobile patrol services include:

  • Commercial, industrial, construction sites and residential
  • Security Mobile patrols
  • Lock up / opening service
  • Resort Security
  • Machinery and alarm system checks
  • Gates, windows and door checks
  • Welfare checks
  • Casual security patrol
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