Alarm Monitoring​

Gold Coast Alarm Monitoring  is the most effective and affordable method available for protecting your home or business.

Holman Security Gold Coast can provide that peace of mind  for your Home with their cutting edge Alarm Monitoring Gold Coast systems.

An Alarm Monitoring security system will provide you with that extra layer of security for worry free days and nights.

The Holman Security Gold Coast Alarm Monitoring system will alert our monitoring centre and our security officer will give you a call to make sure that everything is alright any time your alarm is activated.

If you or your designated contacts are not able to be contacted a patrol will be dispatched to  your premises.

Alarm monitoring is the easiest and most cost effective way for you to protect your family and your lifestyle.

Holman Security Alarm Monitoring Gold Coast

We have over 35 years experience in providing  cutting edge monitored intruder alarm systems so you can be assured that you are in the safest hands in the security industry. We also provide a minimum of twelve months warranty on all the products we install for you.

By contacting us today on 07 5574 8190 you will be entrusting your safety to a security business that is committed to your protection. When it come to the safety of your family,  possessions, house and business, you deserve to have the best.

Holman Security Gold Coast can provide the perfect solution to fit for your home or office, so contact us today!

Holman Security Gold Coast Alarm Monitoring for your Business

Alarm monitoring has become the most common and popular method of protecting businesses throughout Australia.

By adding Holman Security Gold Coast alarm monitoring to the usual window and door alarms that sound when someone tries to access your business through a window or door, you are optimising your existing security protocols.

The advantage of having a monitored intruder alarm system, as well as window and door alarms, is that the monitoring system will send an alert to Holman Security Gold Coast in a matter of seconds. Immediately after receiving that alert a security officer will be dispatched to assess the reason for the alarm activation at  your business.

With the exponential growth in commercial break and entry activity on the Gold Coast, businesses need a reliable alarm monitory system to protect their assets and employees. This is even more important for businesses that have a large stock of high value items such as IT equipment, white goods or vehicles.

A trustworthy and reliable  alarm monitoring system with Holman Security Gold Coast will ensure that your business is protected from theft and vandalism 24/7.

Holman Security Gold Coast professionals are experts in installing, operating and maintaining our monitored alarm systems.

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